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Pond Filters

oase-logoTigers are NT distributors for the world famous Oase range of Water Filters.

  • - Filters are essential for keeping ponds clean, particularly in the tropics.
  • - Water pumps have filters, but these are only there to stop debris entering the pump. They are not designed to filter the water.

OASE Bio Press water filter sets.

  • Unrivalled German technology.
  • We have filters capable of cleaning water in ponds up to 30,000 litres capacity.
  • Matching pump and filter kits.
  • Energy efficient operation.
  • Guaranteed clear water from UVC technology & a combination of mechanical /biological cleaning.
  • Low Maintenance. Oase filters rarely need opening and cleaning. Built in back wash feature.
  • Can be almost completely buried for almost invisible blending into the landscape.

Basic entry level sets:
Bio Press set 4000
Comes with 4m of ¾” hose, Oase Filter pump 1500, 1500lph. 1.9m max lift.

Bio press 6000
Complete with 4m of ¾” hose, Oase Filter pump 2500, 2500lph, 2.2max lift.

Bio Press 10,000
Comes with 5m of 1” hose, Oase filter pump 3500, 3400lph, 2.7m max lift.

  • Large capacities up to 30,000 litres available.

Call into Tigers to discuss your filtration needs. We offer professional advice, a great range of filters, warranty service and installation.

Ask for Baden Lyne, Our Filtration Specialist.


  • OASE, the world´s leading filtration system

    OASE, the world´s leading filtration system

  • Illustration of filter installation

    Illustration of filter installation