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Feature Plants, Plants For Healthy Living & Good Plants For The Top End

Feature Plants, Indoor & Veranda Plants

Stroll through Tigers leafy shade house and choose from a great selection of plants that really do grow well in Darwin.

Get the right advice, the right plant, at the right price.

Apart from shade house plants we also stock outstanding feature plants for pots, balconies and verandas.

The Soursop Tree (Annona Muricata)


This tropical fruit tree originates from Brazil but is now widely grown throughout the tropics, including Darwin.

Recent studies confirm that the Soursop tree is believed to be a natural healing agent for many human health problems.

Various websites list the benefits including:

  • May be beneficial in controlling the spread of cancer.
  • Reducing Lumbago.
  • Reducing inflammation of back muscles.
  • Traditionally used as a remedy for cough, Diarrhoea, fever and indigestion. Even head lice can be eradicated using Soursop.
  • Can be used to treat kidney, liver problems and urinary tract infections.
  • Beneficial in making sure you have a good nights sleep.
  • Also used to prevent the occurrence of Acne, blackheads and other skin problems. There are many more benefits and you can read up on it on quite a few internet sites.

The Fruit is rich in vitamins and can be used as a fresh fruit or to make great drinks and excellent smoothies. Not only the fruit, but the leaves and bark are used as a natural remedy. The leaves are used to make a health tea.

Trees are available at Tigers.

So the Soursop tree has a place in every tropical garden and you can buy nice trees at Tigers.

Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia Indica)

Crepe Myrtle

A wonderful flowering plant which can be grown as a shrub or trained to a small tree in the top End.

Tough and Trouble free with spectacular pink crepe like flowers.

New, very vibrant pink stock available at Tigers.

Desert Rose (Adenium Obesum)

Desert Rose

Native to Africa and the middle East.

A favourite tropical bonsai plant due to its large bulging base, called a cortex and prolific bright coloured flowers.

New hybrid varieties including pure Red, pure white and Border (white with an Apricot border) as well as mixed hybrids, available at Tigers.

St Johns Fig.

St Johns Fig.

Edible fig on tropical root stock. Large Red coloured fruit. Grow as a shrub or tree.

Delicious fruit, high in fibre. Fruits quickly. Fruits in the dry season in the Top End.



Tigers have a great range of well grown bromeliads at great prices.

Take a stroll through Tigers gardens and shadehouse to start your collection.

Lucky Golden Jade

Lucky Golden Jade

Believed to bring good luck and good fortune. Many Chinese believe its good to place one of these plants either side of the front door of a home.

Tigers stock the golden variety, so called due to its yellowish colour foliage which makes it more attractive than the standard green variety.


  • Bromeliad


  • Bromeliad


  • Bromeliad


  • Caladium


  • Bromeliads can help you achieve vibrant color in shady spots

    Bromeliads can help you achieve vibrant color in shady spots

  • Beautiful Plants At Tigers

    Beautiful Plants At Tigers

  • Adenium Flower

    Adenium Flower

  • New Mimusops with conical growing habit

    New Mimusops with conical growing habit

  • Franjapanni


  • We have many varieties of Bromeliads at great prices

    We have many varieties of Bromeliads at great prices

  • We have Bromeliads for sun and shade

    We have Bromeliads for sun and shade