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Citrus Specialists

When you buy your Citrus from Tigers, be sure to request for Tigers Citrus growing notes.

You might be surprised to learn that Citrus originated in SE Asia, probably on the Malay Peninsula. It is believed the Chinese took Citrus back to China and bred them over maybe 3,000 years!

Then Arab traders took them back to Europe and introduced them to Spain and Portugal -the best Mediterranean climates. Hence the well-known varieties we see today, like Valencia Orange and Lisbon Lemon.

Tigers carry a full range of ready to fruit, grafted Citrus.

Tigers Citrus Varieties.

At Tigers you’ll buy well grown, grafted trees, and we’ll give you the best advice to make sure you get the best results.

Tahitian Lime

Tahitian LimeEasily the best Lime to grow in the Top End. Produces good crops of large fruit on and off all year round. Thin skin with succulent juicy flesh. Excellent refreshing flavour.

Makes a great healthy additive to water jugs, a must have juice to squeeze on seafood dishes such as fish and prawns.

Suitable for growing in pots or in the ground. Once the tree has grown it will need a pot with a minimum 60cm diameter in order to produce good crops of fruit. The bigger the pot, the more fruit and better size fruit you’ll get. Ask our staff to show you suitable pots.

Tahitian limes can fruit on and off all year round. You can stimulate fruiting with a heavier than normal fertiliser application. Use only slow Release. Refer cultivation notes.

When you get lots of fruit, freeze some of the juice in ice blocks for year round use.

Finger Lime

Finger LimeA native Australian Lime occurring mostly in rainforest in Northern NSW and QLD. Fast becoming a famous ingredient in international chef creations, particularly in Europe.

Skin colour ranges from green to black, finger shaped fruit 6-12cm long. Many small vesicles of fruit which burst in the mouth, releasing the juice. Flesh colour can be pale green to pink to red. Often called the caviar of fruit.

Must be fully ripe when picked to have a nice taste.

Best grown in the ground rather than in pots.

Kaffir Lime

Kaffir LimeGrown for its wonderful fragrant leaves which are used extensively in Asian cooking. It does produce a fruit, but the fruit and juice are not worth using. However, the grated skin of the fruit is used as an excellent flavouring. Best grown in a pot.

Meyer Lemon

Meyer LemonA great lemon to grow in Darwin. Thin skinned and very juicy, and sweeter than other lemons. A small tree which grows to about 2 – 2.5metres. The best lemon of all for pots. Pick when skin is still green. Produces fruit most of the year.

Lisbon Lemon

Lisbon LemonThe Arabs introduced citrus to Portugal and Spain. Hence a lot of citrus have Portuguese and Spanish names. Lisbon is the traditional looking lemon and best grown in the ground in the top end. Prolific producer of good quality lemons.

Lemonade Lemon

Lemonade LemonDeveloped in Australia, this lemon can be eaten straight from the tree, like an orange, but sweeter. Devoid of bitterness. Refreshing taste. Makes a great drink.

Suitable for growing in pots as well as in the ground.

Emperor Mandarin

Emperor MandarinLarge puffy skin makes this Mandarin the easiest to peel. Few seeds, good flavour. Excellent fruiting variety.


KumquatsUnderrated as Citrus. Many of the fruit can be eaten with skin and all and the citrus flavour is full and nice. Long favoured by the Chinese as a New Year decoration plant.

Kumquat Variety Ngami
Oval fruit, sweet and nice to eat, skin and all! Great for growing in pots.

Kumquat Variety Calamondin
Best Kumquat for growing in pots. Favoured by the Chinese community as a New Year decoration. Small flat fruit like mini mandarins.

Kumquat Variety Meiwa
Decorative small tree, good in pots. Fruits are orange and slightly larger than other varieties. The rind is thicker and sweeter, making this fruit overall the sweetest.


PomeloThe king of citrus! Huge fruit, much larger than grapefruit and the fruit flavour is mild and refreshing, not bitter like grapefruit.

The flowers are prolific and often very highly scented.
A true tropical citrus, best grown in the ground, rather than in pots.

Fruit may be 15 -25cm in diameter and weigh 1 -2kilos each!

Ruby Red Grapefruit

Ruby Red GrapefruitsA favourite with Grapefruit lovers. A great breakfast fruit. Very Juicy and a great source of vitamin C and dietary fibre.


TangelosThought to be a deliberate hybrid or accidental cross between Tangerines and Pomelo or Grapefruit.
Loose Skin, easier to peel than oranges. Pleasant flavour.

Can be grow in pots as well as in the ground.