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Gardening Tips

Q?Should I put stones in the bottom of my pots to help the drainage?

This is not a good practise! In the old days, before we had good potting mixes, using stones was a way to help drainage. But modern potting mixes are designed to hold moisture and excess water drains off.

Putting stones in the bottom of the pot makes the mix drain too much and ruins the role of the potting mix.

There are exceptions: The Desert Rose (Adenium) responds well to stones in the bottom of the pot and so does Jade!

Q?Growing pots in pots near Palms and other plants

If you plant in pots it’s a good way to grow colour and foliage under Palms. But the Palm roots will still grow into the pot through the drain hole.

So put saucers and pot feet under the pots and put cement slabs down for the pot to sit on.

Q?Reduce the risk of big plants breaking pots.

If plants get their roots out of the pot via the drain holes and into the ground directly or through pavers, the plant will quickly get enough muscle to break the pot.

Use a saucer and or pot feet to stop this happening.

Q?How many times per year should a garden be fertilised?

A practical approach is to do it every 3-4 months. It’s what you use that matters! See info on this website about “Troforte” natural mineral fertilisers, the new way to fertilise and build up your soils.

Q?Keeping pond water Clear

The usual source of green water is Algae. Algae is a plant that thrives on sunlight. The more sun your pond gets the more chance there is you will have an algae problem.

Having a pump to circulate the water helps create a natural eco system and reduce algae.

Large Ponds and ponds with goldfish require good filtration. Call into Tigers to discuss your pond.
Ask for Baden Lyne, our pond specialist.

If all else fails we have algae killing products for use in ponds. Call into Tigers for correct advice on your individual problem.

Q?Citrus tree not fruiting?

There can be many causes of this including not enough sunlight, lack of nutrient, plant simply not old enough, too much water or too little water, plant grown from seed and not grafted.

Just drop by Tigers and we’ll work it out for you. Bring along a small branch from your tree with plenty of leaves on it. Also bring along any malformed or discoloured foliage.